What are the Best Foods and Best Diets for Weight Loss?

by admin on June 9, 2010

best food for diet

Losing weight is more about what you DON'T eat, than what you do eat.

What’s the best food for weight loss, and what’s the best diet for weight loss?  Two very common questions with a surprisingly simple answer.

Well first question. It’s not what you eat that causes weight loss, its what you don’t eat that causes weight loss. And the second question, the best diet to be on. Well by definition all diets are a decrease in the amount of calories you take in. So therefore all diets work simply because they decrease the amount of calories you take in, it’s simple mathematics. I don’t care what it is. High carb diet, low carb diets, south beach, North Pole it doesn’t matter. If a diet decreases the amount of calories you take in, you will lose weight. But the simplest thing I tell people is this, eat the foods you like. Just eat less of them. That less of them part will be your diet because basically you are decreasing the amount of calories you are talking in by eating less. Simple. Yet you are still eating the foods you like. I will rather be on a diet that allowed me to eat the foods I liked and I just ate less of them rather than forcing me to eat foods that I hated for the rest of my life. Much simpler, much easier.

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