7 Nutrition Fundamentals for Any Diet or Weight Loss Program

by admin on May 13, 2010

green apple slice

Is it true what they say? "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

I’m here to share with you today a few basic, very important nutrition tips that will help you get the lean physique you want. Now without these, no fancy fat burner or exercise program will work cause you don’t have a solid foundation. So without further ado, lets get started.

Prepare meals in advance

You absolutely have to prepare your meals in advance. If not, you are at the mercy of whatever: restaurants, or fast food places have. And they are not interested in cooking healthy food. They are interested in cooking stuff that tastes good, and keeps people coming back. That is precisely why about 66% of the American is overweight. So don’t succumb to what’s available out there, bring your food with you. Do the bulk of your cooking on Sunday and prepare your meals in advance the night before; put them in plastic containers and be ready to hit the ground running the next morning. Ok, so prepare your meals in advance.

Eat every 3 hours: doing so speeds your metabolism up; it’s like stoking a fire. It keeps your metabolism revving along ,and it tells your body essentially that it’s ok to burn calories, and it will do so and you will be leaner. A real world example of that is that body builders, fitness and figure athletes do eat about every 3 hours or 6 times a day; and they are obviously examples of individuals who are very lean right? Sumo wrestlers on the other hand eat once per day. So as you can see it doesn’t work. So, eat every 3 hours, and keep your metabolism revving along.

Do not eat to get full

If you eat until you get full you have eaten too much, eating small frequent meals you will keep your metabolism revving along, and you will be ready for that next meal. If you eat too much at one sitting, then some of that is likely to be stores as fat , and then you won’t want to eat your next meal. So then you are back to square 1 here you are not eating every 3 hours. So eat small enough meals where you do not eat until you get full. The only time you should be full is if you just drank a bunch of water.

Eat lean protein with each meal: make a lean protein source; make that the hub or the nucleus or the center of each one of those meals. You got choices like egg whites for breakfast, chicken breasts, fish, even protein powders, fat free dairy products like cottage cheese and so on. Make those and even lean meats, make those proteins the cornerstone of each and every meal. Protein more than any of the nutrients helps keep your metabolism revving, helps keep you full longer, and has been shown in a number of different studies that more protein is more beneficial; it will make you more successful in your fat loss efforts. To make a lean protein the center of each one of those meals.

Eat natural foods

This is one of the best single tips that I could give. Eat foods that come from mother nature, not from a box. For instance, eat apples instead of drinking apple juice. So eat foods that if you were a caveman; the foods that they would have and eat such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean meats. So stick with natural foods and you just about can’t go wrong. You will have a hard time getting fat eating natural food. Stay away from synthetic things that are in a box. Have oatmeal for breakfast; plain old fashioned oats as opposed to pop tarts.

Do not drink beverages that contain calories

Do not drink sodas, juices, or other calorie containing beverages. Like I said before the juice has the fiber and most of the good nutrients taken out of it. You’re just left with the fruit sugar, and that’s not what you want. What you want is the nutrients, you want the fiber, the other Fido-nutrients. Maybe some nutrients we haven’t discovered yet. So avoid things like coke and pepsi, unless you are talking about the diet versions. Drinks like that is like saying “I want to get fat” . stay away from those, especially since they have high fructose corn syrup , that is worse than even regular sugar. So again, stay away from juices; even though they may sound good for you. Instead of apple juice, eat an apple instead. One calories drink you can partake in is green tea, and of course water, but drink lots of green tea. Not only has it been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers, but it also contains something called E.C.G.C’s which helps to reduce body fat.

Have only one cheat meal per week

Some experts will say have a cheat day one time per week. I found that with myself and dozens upon dozens of clients that I worked with over the years; a whole cheat day will more than offset the progress that you made during the week. You can gain more fat in one day than you burned off during the week by having a whole cheat day. So I recommend if anything; a cheat meal that’s just enough to give you a mental break and help you make it through the week, but not enough to sabotage your fat loss efforts. So stick with one cheat meal per week, and by meal I mean what you wanna have in one sitting. Anything goes in that one sitting, but don’t drag it out. If you want to get REALLY serious, have even less than that; have one cheat meal every other week. Ok, if you will make these fundamental nutritional principles that I just went over, if you will make these the cornerstone of your program, you will be set. Without making these the cornerstone of your program, you’ll be screwed. No fancy fat burner will compensate for doing these fundamental principles. So apply these to your nutrition program and watch what happens.

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