Portion Control

by admin on June 1, 2010

Let’s talk about portion control. Typically when people are putting food on their plates and they are not sure how much to eat they put some on and they go “that doesn’t look like much”, and they put a little bit more of it on, and they go “oh yeah that still doesn’t look like much’ and they put a little bit more on and they go “oh okay that looks like about one half of what I normally eat.”  And the majority of the time they are way off. It’s about the same amount. So the best thing you can do for portion control is this: put the normal amount of food you eat on your plate. So you can see it. And then take one third or one half of that and slide it off back into the serving bowl. This does two things. Number one it gives you a better perspective of half the amount of food you normally eat, and number two you get to visually see all those calories that you would eat sliding off your plate and go back into the bowl. So you don’t feel guilty when you eat what’s left on your plate. So get used to that. Put the normal amount in your plate. Cut it in half and slide it into the serving bowl. Same thing when you go to the restaurant. Have them bring it to go box with your meal. Cut your meal in half slide the other half into the go box. You see that food. You see those calories leaving you plate, those are calories you don’t eat. That’s your diet. And now you can eat the food that’s served on you plate without guilt. Without feeling upset about it. Try that.

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