Not Eating Sugar Anymore

by admin on June 17, 2010

removing sugar from dietI was speaking with a gentleman the other day and he told me “I have cut out all sugar.” I said why. You look great. He says yeah I have lost 20 pounds. He says cut out sugar. I said wow that’s fantastic. Hey by the way are you doing anything else? Oh yeah, yeah I am walking 4-5 miles a day. Oh really. Do you think that cutting out a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee which is 15 calories, and by the way sugar is made by Mother Nature. It’s a natural product. Do you think that is making this incredible weight loss occur or do you think it’s the 4-5 miles you are walking a day? You see people just don’t have a perspective on weight loss. I mean they might be achieving it but sometimes they don’t understand how it’s occurring. Why it’s occurring? I mean I have had a great fist of clients who say you know have no sugar. That’s it. No sugar for me. No more. Oh by the way all of the crepes with the fruit on top and the maple syrup. thank you. Where do you think is all that stuff? It’s not a protein. It’s not a fat. Guess where it is. It’s a simple carbohydrate.  It’s still a sugar. Rices, bread, pastas, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, deserts, those are all sugars. He can’t make it through the day without sugars. So people make these grand statements I am not going to have sugar anymore. They think that’s going to cause their weight loss. And when I think about I am not having sugar any more they are talking about the white stuff they put in their coffee or their tea or possibly what might be in a cola. They don’t look at the broad picture. Carbohydrates are the major fuel of the body. That’s what your body and your brain going. So again people just don’t seem to have a proper perspective on weight loss.

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