Extra Weekend Calories

by admin on May 27, 2010

We know that weight is a gradual process. It’s calories per day adding up to pounds per week or pounds per month – it takes time. It’s very frustrating, I know, hey who hasn’t gone out, done cardio, come home and jumped on the scale hoping to see a pound lost – or standing naked in front of the mirror going ‘ I still don’t look any better’. It takes time – it adds up.

Let’s Talk About Calories

Let’s say you are losing four hundred calories a day – two hundred through cardio and two hundred through eating less. Four hundred less calories a day over five days is two thousand less calories for the week and in about a week and a half you will lose one pound. That is fantastic. But let’s keep things in perspective, let’s say the weekend comes – the weekend typically loosen up your eating habits a bit – you have some beers you have some cake, you don’t worry about it so much. Let’s say you consume eight hundred calories over the weekend and you do that for the next couple of weekends. Unfortunately what happens is that eight hundred calories you consumed eats into the cardio, eats into the calories that you lost during the previous week. So instead of losing two thousand calories for the week, you’re down to twelve hundred. Not a bad thing, but unfortunately now your weight loss had gone from a pound in a week in a half to a pound in three weeks. So this is where people get frustrated, they don’t think about it – the beer here the drink there, the cookie, the handful of m&m’s – this begins to add up and begins to eat into the cardio or the calories that you lost the previous week. So when you’re trying to lose weight, if you’re getting frustrated, take a look at what you’re eating above and beyond what you’re normally eating. If you’re splurging a little too much, you might want to cut back because again, any additional calories that you take in is going to cut into the amount of calories that you lost during the week and it’s gonna slow the weight loss process.

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