Eating Fruits and Vegetables on a Diet

by admin on May 14, 2010

fruit and vegetable basket, for diet and weight loss

Consuming fruits and vegetables should be a part of any weight loss program

Who hasn’t heard somebody say this when they’re on a diet ‘oh I can’t have any fruits and vegetables’ as if somehow the calories from fruits and vegetables were gonna screw up or stand in the way of the chemical reactions that were occurring in their body to melt fat away. What garbage.

You see, fruits and vegetables are mainly water, starch and cellulose. Now starch and cellulose are both sugars. Starch we can digest, cellulose we can’t. Cellulose is primarily roughage or fiber, which helps with your digestion and keeps you regular. So if you were to eat tons and tons of fruits and vegetables, number one they wouldn’t have enough calories in them to make you fat, and number two you’d simply be uncomfortable from the volume of your intake that you wouldn’t be able to move. You see animals that eat fruits and vegetables all day long have to forge and find these foods and eat them continuously because they don’t have many calories in them. Eating your fruits and vegetables they are a great way of helping you to control your appetite, while giving you a little bit of sugar, maintaining your energy, and offering vitamins, minerals, antioxidants – nobody in the history of the world ever got fat from eating too many fruits and vegetables.

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Burning fats.


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