Eating Fruit to Lose Weight

by admin on May 20, 2010

Increasing your fruit intake is one of the key nutrition strategies that you can start applying right now if you want to get back in shape and lose weight. The reason you don’t here more about simply adding more fruit to your diet is that it is not marketed heavily – trying to sell more fruit with a TV commercial, for instance, is kind of a hard sales pitch when the market is flooded with all sorts of “miracle” diets and supplements.

There are so many ways to incorporate fruit into your diet: you can use fruit as you breakfast, mix it with salad, or have a banana before you go to the gym.  One of the best ways to take in fruit is in shake form; there are plenty of delicious recipes all over the place for fruit smoothies and shakes.  You will be filling yourself up with healthy nutrients and fiber, while giving your body some of the simple carbohydrates it needs.  Avocados can even provide the little bit of fat that your body needs, and no meat no matter how lean can compare to the quality of fat that is present in an avocado.  Make the switch to being a fruit eater today.

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