Fitness and Nutrition Strategies for Weight Loss

by admin on May 25, 2010

The key challenge that you face when wanting to get healthy, when you want to get fit, has to do with fitting yourself in a way that really matches your target and also putting in place a fitness strategy or a training routine that really works long term that you can keep on applying in your life without major efforts. So those two targets, both nutrition and fitness / exercise are the two targets to focus on and I make sure the strategies that I employ are really matching your specific and unique needs.


The first big challenge that you will face when you try to get fit, try to be healthy, try to have a very healthy diet is the fact that when you go out there; when you go to the supermarket for instance, you will be bombarded by marketing messages which try sell you stuff that is basically not good for you. If you go into a supermarket nowadays, probably 90-95% of what is exposed out there is related with food which are heavily processed, and are not specially giving you what you need in terms of micronutrients and all that energy boost/ energy kick for your body. So, it’s very important that you come out with a strategy that allows you to navigate this marketing / brainwashing that is going on, and to focus really on the foods that are really good for you. There are a few guidelines which are relatively simple to buy stuff which is good for you. It has to do with simply focusing on buying fresh products much more. If you check what is the proportion of the supermarket which is dedicated to fruit and vegetables for instance, you will notice that it is only a small fraction of all the products which are there. If you check the frozen pizzas, they probably represent as much as the fruits and vegetables section in many supermarkets, or the ice-cream section. So, when you are in a supermarket, you literally go to war/ battle, you have to fight a battle so that you stay really focused on what is good for you and don’t let yourself get sidetracked with non- nutrient foods.

Fitness Strategy

That is the first major challenge, and I really go in-depth in this “Stay-fit!” program. The second major challenge that you face has to do with putting in place a training, fitness, or exercise strategy that really works on your own terms without major effort. Most of the times when you start training, you start with a high level of motivation. So you go into this training routine with whatever you decide to do , (ex: Ok, I decide I’m going to jog three times a week), or I’m going to swim, or I’m going to bike, I’m going to go to the gym. You’re going to do all of these things, and set the targets very, very high. The thing that tends to happen is your level of motivation starts to drop slowly, and after a while you simply let go of this routine or discipline. So you have to put into place a strategy that really works on your own terms that you can maintain without major effort. If you rely on your will power and discipline, it’s not enough. It has to be fun, it has to be exciting for you to do every day when you go and train.

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