Low Carb Diets

by admin on June 1, 2010

We are going to talk about low-carb diets and why they work and don’t work.

How Low Carb Diets Work

They’re a big mystery and I’m sure everybody’s been on them – the Atkins diet is a popular example. I’m going to focus on how they work. Low carb diets do not work because you’re not eating carbohydrates, they work because you’re eating fewer calories in the form of carbohydrates. You have to understand that fats, proteins, and carbohydrates all have calories. Fats have nine calories per gram, carbohydrates and proteins have four calories per gram. So if you were to cut out any of these foods in your diet, you’d lose weight. So in a low carb diet, by the end of the day you are simply eating less, just like any other diet – so they work. Two good things about the low carb diet is this: number one, you don’t have the mental sacrifice or anguish of other diets because with a low carb diet you can eat a large amount of fats and proteins. So you don’t have that immediate need jerk reaction saying I can’t have any chocolate so you immediately begin eating chocolate. The other aspect is, when you eat lots of fat and lots of proteins they’re very satisfying – you become full and you don’t want anymore. Hey, when I’m eating pork chops and there’s one pork chop left but I’m full, I don’t finish it, but I always have room for coffee and dessert. So those are the two aspects of a low carb diet that seem to work well, there’s no mental aspect of not being able to eat and number two, proteins and fats are very filling so once you’ve eaten them you’re full – you don’t crave for anything else.  Now I’m going to tell you why these diets are hard to stay on and what’s not so great about them and why the science doesn’t make sense.

Why Low Carb Diets Aren’t So Great

Here are some of the bad facts about this diet: number one, people think carbohydrates are unnecessary sugars for the body.  This is misguided – in fact, they provide immediate energy for your body. If you’re an athlete or you ever been on a low carb diet you’ll notice sometimes you just don’t notice you have the same snap – you’re a little sluggish. That’s because sugar has to then come from the breakdown of fats and proteins. This is the slow process and doesn’t supply you with ready available sugar like carbohydrates do. The other aspect is your brain runs on carbohydrates so some people have the tendency to be a little sluggish mentally if you’re on a low carb diet. Another negative of this diet that I don’t like is this: if you’re on a low carb diet, you have to go through life never eating breads, pastas, potatoes or rice – that would really be unfortunate, and that’s not a great way to go through life, and that’s why so many people ‘cheat’ on diets like these.  Some of the science of this diet doesn’t work either. They tell you about ketosis in a fat burning state. And here’s my question: when you’re eating all this fat, but yet you still have fat on your midsection or in your hips. How does your body know which of those two fat sources to utilize? It doesn’t – it doesn’t make sense. Even though you’re burning fat, let’s say you’re body burning fat all day long, your body has to choose, ‘Do I work on the fat I just ate or the fat that’s around my stomach?’ You see, it still comes down to calories in and calories out. You still have to take in fewer calories than you burn out. If you do that you lose weight, and the easiest way to do that is on a regular diet. Eat what you like, just eat less. Exercise a little more and weight loss will occur.

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